DCV Diffusers

DCV Diffusers


The Rickard DCV Diffuser is an intelligent diffuser designed to continually regulate airflow based on the level of CO2 in the occupied space. The variable geometry of the diffusers maintains the throw of air entering a space as the ventilation rate is reduced in accordance with demand, which helps maintain ventilation effectiveness inside a room. The diffusers are networked together with the supplied controls system that allows setup and commissioning to be done from one central computer (by others).

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Adjustable Blade Swirl Diffusers

Adjustable Blade Swirl Diffusers


Series FSWA swirl diffusers are designed supply air applications having fully adjustable air pattern blades whilst maintaining the air distribution benefits of a swirl diffuser. The adjustable blades offer the flexibility required to overcome problems with the supply of warm and cool air into a modern office application.

Fixed Multi-cone Diffusers

Fixed Multi-cone Duffusers

LFD / LFR Series

Series LFD multi-cone diffusers are suited for supply and extract air applications. For supply air, multi-cone pattern design with quick release core and suitable for heating and cooling. Available in a range of different core patterns and sizes giving total flexibility for most installations in modern ceiling tile applications. When fitted with an opposed blade damper at the rear they become LFR Series.