Fixed Multi-cone Diffusers

Fixed Multi-cone Duffusers

LFD / LFR Series

Series LFD multi-cone diffusers are suited for supply and extract air applications. For supply air, multi-cone pattern design with quick release core and suitable for heating and cooling. Available in a range of different core patterns and sizes giving total flexibility for most installations in modern ceiling tile applications. When fitted with an opposed blade damper at the rear they become LFR Series.

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From extruded aluminium sections. Hairline mitred joints mechanically held. Optional opposed blade dampers manufactured from extruded aluminium.


PPC RAL9010 – 20% gloss White (Standard)


  • 4 way square – 150 x 150, 225 x 225, 300 x 300, 375 x 375, 450 x 450 (mm) neck size.
  • 3 way square 450 x 450 (mm) neck size.
  • 2 way corner square – 450 x 450 (mm) neck size.
  • 2 way opposite square – 450 x 450 (mm) neck size.
  • 1 way square – 450 x 450 (mm) neck size.

Free area approx 46%

450x450mm neck size is 595 x 595 (mm) overall for lay-in ceiling tile replacement.


L – Lay-in tile replacer*

Lay-in tile replacer
C – Neck fixing (Fixing by others)

concealed neck fixing

*450 x 450mm nominal neck size is 595 x 595mm overall (flange for surface mounting).
Diagrams for reference purposes only


Please specify the accessories on your order.

  • Opposed blade damper (OBD)
  • Neck Reducers
  • Plenum boxes